Biaka ethos, and name.

Updated: Mar 1

Our Name;

Biaka represents finding that part in us that no one can see or explain,

our life force energy,

we know it’s there, it’s the thoughts in our mind,

spirit of our desires,

and the nature of health in our bodies.

We hope like us, you will come to see Biaka means, finding the strongest, most vibrant version of you, because only with great vitality are we able to meet our destiny.

To explain it’s background, we ask you to invoke a little ideology from your creative heart!

By putting two names together, one a powerful goddess and the other the power in us, it becomes an ode to a Goddess, and an ode to you; Biaka means LIFE FORCE. BIA is the first Word and Ka is the second.

In Greek mythology, Bia, is a Titan goddess. She was the personification of force, compulsion, and raw energy. She is the twin sister of Nike in the ancient tale of Prometheus. Bia does not speak and she is the strongest of all her siblings. Connect this to how our deepest inner desires are not from our internal dialogue, but a deeper silent energy that we often find hard to explain with words. Our why, our motivation, our compulsions. The Romans went on to later explain her as the power of vital force, because Veeaa is like the Vis in Latin, (pronounced Wees) and then she became known as vitality personified.

Ka is the what the Ancient Egyptians, call your spirit. It was specifically breath from the goddess Haka blown at birth into the infant animating them to life. The Ka also needs food and drink to survive, and without it also dies, but while the food feeds our bodies, the spirit of the food (yep) feeds the Ka.

So there you have it, the mythological roots from where we take our name, a new play on old ideas.

With Love!

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