About Trynette


As a Clinical Naturopathic Practitioner, Trynette enjoys being able to bridge the gap between holistic traditional medicine and modern western medicine, in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. She loves nothing more than working through your sometimes complex health puzzles to get you moving towards your health goals.

Trynette, BSc Health Science, is a registered practitioner with NHAA, and has extensive training in Naturopathic, Nutritional Medicine, Iridology, Sclerology, Aromatherapy, Physiology & Movement, along with additional training in Functional Medicine Testing.  

By using this broad range of diagnostic skills, Trynette can help create interventions on the causes of your health concerns rather than simply alleviate your symptoms of discomfort. 

Some areas of special interest to Trynette:


·      Insomnia and disordered sleep

·      Digestive complaints 

·      Chronic Pain – reduction in pain severity, frequency, or cope better with long term.

·      Fibromyalgia

·      Stress and fatigue 

·      Disordered immune function

·      Teenage and young children’s health and emotional wellbeing

As a mother Trynette understands and loves working with families and children to guide them through health challenges of all age groups. Trynette is also deeply committed to teaching and coaching in community programs such as the 2021 Zero 2 Hero, Youth Mental Health Forum speaking about the Mental health benefits of getting enough Sleep, and in NRL WA as a sports trainer, guiding young elite athletes to maintain their performance goals.

Trynette believes in the human body’s wonderous capacity when supplied with the right physical nourishment, emotional support, rest, relaxation and positive experience it is capable of anything including HEALING. 

She also finds that unfortunately, in todays environment, the hustle and grind of our modern world, means we occasionally do require someone to help inspire us to deepen our attention and find out exactly where to look to achieve our health goals. 

From time to time, we all need a trusted advisor who can show us what is best for our unique needs help us achieve good health and vibrancy, let Trynette guide you there, and she will use traditional methods and evidence-based practice to understand and support your health.

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